We are looking to fill an immediate opening for a “Graphic Designer” with
expertise in jewelry and image retouching requires a specific skill set. Here are
some key skills and qualifications to look for:

Job Description
● Mastery of graphic design software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe
Illustrator, and possibly specialized video editing software like Adobe Premier
Pro or Adobe After Effect.
● Advanced knowledge of jewelry image retouching techniques including color
correction, lighting adjustment, and image manipulation.
● Previous experience specifically in jewelry design or related industries

Portfolio and Experience:
● A strong portfolio showcasing work in jewelry design and image retouching,
demonstrating an understanding of aesthetics, materials, and market trends in
● Ability to enhance product images while maintaining authenticity and visual
● Ability to conceptualize and create original designs or modify existing ones.
● Keeping up-to-date with design trends and technological advancements in
image editing software

Educational Qualifications
● Graduation from a reputed university will get preference.
● HSC, Honors, Bachelor degree or BBA, Master or MBA

● 2 to 3 Years

Contact Details
● 3 months probation period
● 1-year fixed-term contract after successful completion of the probation period.
● A permanent position will be offered after the fixed-term contract on the
individual’s performance and growth within the company.

Salary & Benefits
● Salary: BDT 30-40k
● Yearly 2 festival bonuses
● Reward based on individual performance and company growth
● Company work-related traveling allowance

Application Deadline:
● 15 July 2024 (Urgent)

Working Hours & Location
● Full-time role includes 6 days, 48 hours/week. Saturday – Thursday. 11 am – 8
pm including a 1-hour break
● Working mode: In person
● Primary work location: Baitul Mukarram Jewellery Market (Ground Floor) 1000

How to apply
Please send your resume to: tech@diamondanddivas.com
Please mention the Position name “Graphics Designer ” & Reference number
“#2024-020” in the mail subject.
(Each file should not be more than 5MB & file type should be .pdf (File naming
convention is University_Department_YearsOfExperience_YourName.pdf e.g.